MODERATOR: Virginia Lee

Interim CEO at Tampa Bay Tech

As a Tampa native, and USF alumni, Virginia has always had an interest in networking in, and for, the Tampa Bay tech community. She has connected many technology candidates with companies in the area and mentored many students in seeking and continuing careers in in Tampa Bay. As such, Virginia has been an active member of Tampa Bay Tech for over 8 years and has recently spearheaded the formation of the Tampa Bay Tech foundation which will bring additional services to our technology seeking talent.

Virginia began her career developing high speed telecommunications protocols for satellite communications and devices for remote data center right here in Tampa Bay. Her journey then took her on to lead software development teams and consult with customers nationally and globally in various technologies, industries and disciplines.

She has worked for global companies, such as Verizon, United Airlines, and Nielsen; is published for her work on the Cyber Security standard NIST-IR 7628; and is now consulting as a technology expert for Patent Litigation. While her work often takes her out or the area, Tampa Bay is home and where she continues to build connections and support technology opportunities for our technology companies, community partners, and technologists.

02.00 - 02.45 PM

Saturday Morning 4th Feb Conference

Connected Cities: Curating a Community Built on Wellness

From smart and connected cities to blue zones, we will hear from experts on the connection between community and wellness.