MODERATOR: Edmondo J. Robinson, MD, MBA, FACP

Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer at Moffitt Cancer Center

Edmondo Robinson, MD, MBA, FACP, serves as the Senior Vice  President and Chief Digital Officer for Moffitt Cancer  Center.  

This newly created position is critical to Moffitt’s success navigating  a continually evolving health care industry. Dr. Robinson is  responsible for expanding Moffitt’s ecosystem from within and  outside of health care to deliver on consumer-oriented, real-world  solutions for clinical practice, research and administrative processes  essential to support growth and competitive advantage. He also  oversees Moffitt’s portfolio of digital innovation, including the  development and commercialization of health products, tools and  technology. With this role, Moffitt aims to create and test new  services, programs, partnerships and technologies that leverage  digital innovations, while challenging the status quo to reduce the  cost of care, improve quality, increase access to care, and enhance  the patient experience. 

Previously, Dr. Robinson was the Chief Transformation Officer and  Senior Vice President of Consumerism at ChristianaCare, one of the  largest health systems in the mid-Atlantic. He was responsible for  the transformation of health care delivery to advance population  health initiatives and the move from volume-based to value-based  care with a special focus on developing and managing  ChristianaCare’s consumerism and digital strategies. 

Dr. Robinson is an associate professor of medicine at Thomas  Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College an adjunct  senior fellow in the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at  the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a fellow of the American  College of Physicians and a senior fellow of the Society of Hospital  Medicine. He holds a medical degree from the David Geffen School  of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles; an MBA 

with an emphasis in health care management from the Wharton  School at the University of Pennsylvania; and a master’s degree in  health policy research also from the University of Pennsylvania.

11.00 - 11.30 AM

Saturday Morning 4th Feb Conference

Empowering Health: Harnessing AI’s Disruptive Benefit in Healthcare

AI is everywhere, and we are impacted by its capabilities in work and life every day. We already see the massive contributions it is making across healthcare domains, but are we prepared to leverage this tremendous value? Dr. Edmondo Robinson of Moffitt Cancer Research sits down with experts in all things healthcare and AI to discuss the disruptive ways we can capture its benefits to empower a healthier future.