MODERATOR: Bill Genovese

CIO and CTO, Technology Executive, Business and Technology Advisor

As an internationally respected CIO and CTO who has lived and worked across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, Bill possesses considerable multicultural awareness as well as adaptability.
Over the course of his career, he has amassed an impressive track record of growing revenues, delivering next-generation digital solutions and optimizing operations.
As a clearly known and acknowledged innovator, he has focused on what's coming next in terms of emerging technology application and adoption such as Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain, and Next Generation Analytics and Computing.

01.15 - 02.00 PM

Saturday Morning 4th Feb Conference

A Transformative Healthcare CIO

Buckle up! This panel is all about disruption. Bill Gennovese leads an exciting panel of CIOs of leading healthcare organizations as they discuss tools and technologies for a digital age that are enabling the transformative healthcare CIO