Kent J. Wessinger, PhD

Principal Partner at Retention Partners

Dr. Kent Wessinger is a People Scientist focused on sustainable solutions to cross-generational growth, with an emphasis on attraction, engagement and retention of millennial employees & clients.  

In 2016, he launched and continues to manage what many C-suites have called the foremost proprietary data bank on growth and revenue with millennials. He has successfully helped Fortune 500 financial services companies, engineering firms, manufacturing companies, nationwide real estate and insurance firms, governments in North and Central America, non-profits, and many small businesses develop a  relevant strategy to solve their workforce crisis. 

Having spearheaded decades of focused research and data collection, he understands employee behavior intimately, and the surgical approach to winning in our current business environment. Utilizing his proprietary research and successful implementation experiences, Dr. Wessinger will strategically help you achieve the following:  

  • Shift from recruiting to attracting top talent  
  • Develop critical employee engagement structures 
  • Solve your employee retention crisis  
  • Capture the growth and revenue opportunity with millennial clients  
  • Develop a successful cross-generational mentoring structure  
  • Mitigate cross-generational conflict  
  • Create a leadership pipeline 
12:45 - 01:15 PM

Saturday Morning 4th Feb Conference

Solving your WORKFORCE crisis: The ACCOUNTABILITY structure that fuels your success with millennial employees