Katherine Vandebelt

Global Vice President Clinical Innovation at Oracle

With over thirty years engaged in the clinical research, I love working in different geographies, across various therapeutic areas, creating and transforming processes. I continue to learn and applying my passion to fuel the digital adoption momentum stimulated by the pandemic.  Let’s introduce new, better experiences, and open up the clinical research ecosystem for patients, health care professionals, sponsors, regulators by unlocking the power of technology. Let’s achieve the vision of clinical research being an accessible and feasible care option to anyone. For me, there is nothing better than a great mystery or challenge.  I am grateful for all the inventors that work unwaveringly to make our world healthier.

11.00 - 11.30 AM

Saturday Morning 4th Feb Conference

Empowering Health: Harnessing AI’s Disruptive Benefit in Healthcare

AI is everywhere, and we are impacted by its capabilities in work and life every day. We already see the massive contributions it is making across healthcare domains, but are we prepared to leverage this tremendous value? Dr. Edmondo Robinson of Moffitt Cancer Research sits down with experts in all things healthcare and AI to discuss the disruptive ways we can capture its benefits to empower a healthier future.