Karan Narwal, MD

CEO, Mental Health Executive - TMS Specialist

Karan Narwal, MD & CEO, has been a part of the mental health community for 10+ years as a clinical researcher, treatment specialist & business executive in the psychiatric community. He is a graduate of Aureus University School of Medicine & New York Institute of Technology, a former Student Body President and a former collegiate athlete. Under his executive & clinical leadership as a part owner of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment facilities, Dr. Narwal was able to establish a leading mental health treatment center in the Tampa Bay community providing over 15,000 treatments utilizing NeuroStar Advanced Therapy. He is a former speaker at Disrupt the Bay 2021 and has been a guest on multiple mental health related podcasts around the country. Since getting involved within the mental health space, he has published studies specific to TMS treatment, is an active contributing member of Clinical TMS Society, a board member of StayWhole Wellness Foundation, and is currently working privately as a Mental Health Consultant within the Healthcare and Technology industry. He resides in St. Petersburg, FL with his wife & dog, and loves to call the Bay Area his home!

03:15 - 03:45 PM

Saturday Morning 4th Feb Conference

Trending Health: The Keys to Unlocking Your Optimal Health

National leaders in the wellness space will take the stage to talk about innovations, revelations, and wellness theories that are igniting change in the healthcare industry.